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Mountain guide office

Renowned throughout Mont-Blanc country, the Sallanches Mountain Guide Office is here to support you in all your activities, guided tours and sports and leisure, catering for all levels and ages. Our guides will introduce you to the joy our mountains have to offer, in complete safety. Friendliness guaranteed!

guides et accompagnateurs de Sallanches



Prepare to be amazed


Sallanches in its mountain setting is the stuff of dreams. A trip to this stunning landscape at the foot of Mont-Blanc will take your breath away.

Guides et accompagnateurs en montagne de sallanches



During the winter season at Sallanches, you can have a go at different types of snowshoeing, ably assisted by our Mountain Guide Office. Snowshoeing during the day or at night, with a fondue in a tepee, followed by dog sledding or a stroll by the light of the full moon. Less than ten minutes away by car, you can strap on your skis and discover the slopes at Cordon Sallanches, a family ski resort for young and old to enjoy.

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